Top 5 Kundan Jewellery Pieces For  Diwali Festival Season 2022

Top 5 Kundan Jewellery Pieces For Diwali Festival Season 2022

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Top 5 Kundan Jewellery Pieces For  Diwali Festival Season 2022.

The most exciting time of the year is here, and we can't keep calm. With Diwali being just around the corner, the excitement and joy amongst the people and their loved ones are immeasurable. 

Each one of us has always recognised Diwali as the festival of lights, but also the time of the year when we glam up the night with our brand-new ethnic outfits and accessories to adorn. 

For Indian women, festivals hold a lot of importance for each of us to indulge in sporting ethnic outfits and traditional Indian Jewellery knitting stronger bonds with our culture and tradition. And the past 2 years of pandemic has only made us grow stronger bond with ourselves, loved ones and our culture.

Diwali shopping for yourself and your loved ones has always been the most exciting part of the festival. And 2022 gives even more reason to celebrate the joys of life. New designs, trends and fashions flood the market every year leaving us with a gazillion choices of ethnic clothes, footwear and pieces of jewellery. Every year Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the women folk of India. This Diwali, what better way to start than by rekindling self love with a new collection of jewellery? Traditional Kundan jewellery has been a favourite amongst women for decades but these days the craze for pure gold Kundan has increased manifolds. 

Diwali being the showstopper of all festivals, we are here to level up your jewellery game. It is this time that you should introduce your loved ones to an exclusive collection of jewellery that is made out of precious stones and metals of exceptional design and quality.

This year we take up the lead to make your festive shopping easier, with our hand-picked jewellery essentials that are just perfect for the occasion. 

Here are the “Top 5 Kundan Jewellery Pieces For  Diwali Festival Season 2022.”

  1. Mahabharata Kundan Bracelet

Going all glam won't be anything new when it is about  your Diwali look. Be it an elegant saree, a dazzling lehenga or a stunning ethnic dress, we make sure what we wear makes a perfect fit with matching jewellery and accessories. The Mahabharata Kundan Bracelet is that one piece that fits the puzzle just right. This radiant hand accessory studded with lustrous Kundan stones adds the perfect royal and ethnic touch to your Diwali look. Sport this masterpiece along with any outfit you pick to slay your ethnic look on Diwali evening.

  1. Fleur Circle Kundan Ring

Finger rings have always been one of the favourites amongst the other kinds of jewellery. When it comes to finding the perfect ring for your Diwali look we can think of nothing but our designer Fleur Circle Ring. This ring with a unique design and royal look is perfect for your saree, lehenga or salwar suit. 

  1. Choker Style Necklace Set 

The exquisite choker-style necklace set is a perfect set to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your Diwali outfit. This dazzling jewellery set is a must-have to add a spark to your dress-up game. For its versatile design composition, this Kundan Jewellery Set stands as a perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones to suit all tastes and fashion.

  1. Rani Kundan Earrings

Earrings have always been in the limelight when it's about matching the jewellery with the dress. With a myriad of designs available in the market, it indeed gets tough to pick the right earrings for your dress. Rani Kundan Earrings put an end to your perfect earring hunt, the bold design adorned with shiny Kundan stones on a gold-plated base makes this piece an all-rounder. Be it a simple saree or a fancy lehenga, these Kundan Earrings are meant to complete your Desi look just right.

  1. Lustre Kundan Kada Bangles

A perfect balance and blend of simplicity and glamour have always been a milestone for women when it comes to their ethnic look. The Lustre Kundan Kada Bangles create that balance with its simple yet elegant design. These handcrafted kadas are your forever companion not only for your Diwali look but just for any other occasion too. 

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