Top 10 must have Bridal Kundan Jewellery on your wedding day

Top 10 must have Bridal Kundan Jewellery on your wedding day

Top 10 must have Bridal Kundan Jewellery on your wedding day

Indian culture celebrates weddings as one of the most important and anticipated events of our life. A life changing event translated into a fairy tale is what every bride dreams of throughout her maiden life. And as the wedding season is picking up, it's about time to add "classic" to your wedding look with our timeless Bridal Kundan Jewellery Collection. Kundan Jewellery has been the most popular wedding jewellery in India through centuries. It is a work of art for it is handcrafted by skilled artisans carving the intricate designs. Kundan Jewellery is the most preferred jewellery style amongst every bride to be, for its regal design and royal look. 

With a myriad of Kundan Jewellery Collections available in the market, we are here to make your wedding jewellery shopping easy. Here are our Top 10 picks of some stunning bridal jewellery pieces for the season to make your bridal look dreamy and unforgettable.

  1.  Aria Kundan Borla Maang Tikka

This stunning Bridal Maang Tikka is meant to make a striking statement on your bridal outfit. The piece exudes glitz and glamour for it is heavily studded Kundan stones complimented by deep red stone and magnificent Meenakari work. This classic Borla Maang Tikka is the perfect ingredient to make your bridal look perfect to the T.


2. Long Bridal Kundan Earrings

These Bridal Kundan Earrings are a must-have pair of earrings for all the brides out there. The deep red stone embedded at the centre of the Chaandbali adds opulence to this piece complimented by shiny Kundan stones encrusted around it. These pairs of earrings can never go wrong for its versatility meant to compliment your bridal outfit and look.

3. Classic Kundan Hathphool

The iconic Kundan Hathphool is a design that never goes out of style. The strikingly embedded Kundan stones are curated into a subtle design. Traditional in its design and modern in its looks, this piece will complement your bridal look with sheer elegance and glamour.

4. Bridal Kundan Kada

With its unique and intricate handcrafted design, the Bridal Kundan Kada is a work of art. This bridal hand accessory is embellished with lustrous Kundan stones on a flawlessly gold-plated kada. This bridal jewellery adds a magical aura to this piece, making it ideal for your wedding look.

Bridal Kundan Kada
5. Pearl String Choker Set 

The Pearl String Kundan Choker Set is an elegant statement piece. The bridal necklace and pair of earrings are adorned with Kundan stones set up in elegant floral patterns. The unparalleled design and colour combination  is meant to compliment your bridal look on the wedding day.

Choker set

6. Giza Bridal Choker Set

Feel like a princess on your big day with the Giza Bridal Choker set from Kundan Jewellery. This beautiful set comes with an enchanting necklace studded with semi-precious stones and an elegant pair of earrings with accents of Fuschia pink for the stone encrusted on the pieces. The necklace traces rich designs with strings of pearls embedded around the jewellery, completing your bridal look with royalty and elegance.

Bridal Choker set

7. Bridal Pearl Nath

Looking to add a touch of elegance and lustre to your occasion? The Kundan Bridal Pearl Nath is sure to do the trick. Made of gold and beautiful kundan stones in a leafy design, this bridal nose accessory is meant to go well with your wedding outfit, just to bring your dream look come true on your wedding day.

Bridal Nath

8. Madliya Style Pendant Set

This beautiful bridal jewellery set is reminiscent of the rich Madliya style and intricate Karigari by skilled craftsmen. This pendant is attached to a string of faux pearls with a red and white colour combination. This butterfly shaped pendant set adorned with pretty beads makes it look just the perfect piece for your bridal look.

Pendant Set
9. Fleur Bridal Matha Patti

Take your wedding to the next level with a touch of modernity and royalicity in this Kundan Jewellery Fleur Bridal Matha Patti. This piece has a unique design, capturing the nuances of the royal adornments of yesteryears. It has vibrant accents of red enameled beads on its floral pattern and brightens up any outfit you wear with it.

10. Bridal Kundan Maang Tikka

A big bridal jewellery statement is this Maang Tikka that flaunts an intricate and opulent design work embellished by Kundan stones in numbers and crimson stones. Sparkling red beads add the timeless colour of Indian culture, red to this beautiful Bridal Maang Tikka. Wear it to complete your wedding look with this perfect Kundan Maang Tikka.

Maang tikka

While the jewellery is evergreen and a must-have in every bridal trousseau, a wedding these days would not be considered complete without taking some stunning jewellery pieces home. Shop at our online store to explore more Kundan Jewellery Collections for your big day.

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