We are Ravyaa Jewels

Ravyaa Jewels, based in Mumbai, narrates a timeless tale of Kundan Jewellery, the oldest jewellery craft in India known for its deep roots embedded in the royal era of Indian heritage. With Kundan Jewellery being a staple heirloom in the grooming culture of India, we at Ravyaa complete your dream look with eclectic collections of Kundan Jewellery to be treasured for a lifetime.

We hold a rich legacy of over 25 years, starting with a humble background and deep-seated presence amongst the retailers and wholesalers in the Kundan Jewellery business.  We are a proudly make-in-India brand, working hand in hand with seasoned Karigars and Artisans curating each piece with love and patience to make your special day memorable.


With jewellery symbolising the love passed through generations, we are strongly committed to the forever quality and integrity of each piece crafted under our roof. Kundan as its name defines ‘highly refined gold', is our resolve behind the making of Kundan jewellery at Ravyaa. Each piece at Ravyaa is plated with pure 24K gold of superior standards and a lacquer coating as our recipe for superior quality and longevity.


We ensure constant design innovation whilst maintaining the traditional techniques of Kundan Jewellery craft to explore contemporary fashion with our strong foot set to the conventional foundation of Kundan Jewellery. Each piece at Ravyaa is a product of our beautiful bond with our artisans and karigars committed to bringing your dream jewellery to life.


Be it a perfect fitting shoe or a soft fabric dress, we believe in comfortable grooming. We sternly stand against the discomfort bartered against adorning heavy, edgy or low-quality jewellery leaving an unpleasant experience on your important occasions.

To stand true to our belief we take your comfort on high priority when it comes to grooming whether casual or occasional. Our pieces of jewellery are designed with constant attention to the design, light-weight and high-quality of each piece to ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience throughout.