At Ravyaa we believe that each piece of jewellery is a piece of a puzzle that completes you. Jewellery knitting your tale of elegance to last for many years to come. Thus we encourage you to take utmost care to prolong the life of your pieces of jewellery. Here are some quick and useful tips to take care of your jewellery:

 Store it right! 

Even though jewellery is made of metals, it is imperative to maintain a storage and care regime to ensure the longevity of the pieces. You need to store your pieces in small bags separately to avoid scratches. Moreover, keeping your pieces of jewellery together in one bag can leave your pieces entangled with each other resulting in breakage. Thus, it is safe to store each of them in separate air-tight containers or ziplock bags. Store it in a dry place away from humidity, moisture, fire and heat.

Clean it after use

After using the jewellery, it is important to clean the jewellery thoroughly after every use for your pieces to stay as good as new, lustrous and gaudy. You simply need to dry wipe the residues of your skincare or makeup products or simply sweat to ensure your jewellery lasts longer. Do not clean it with water.

Keep them dry. 

Water when in contact with metals can cause the coated layer to oxidise and lose its shine colour. Hence, we recommend you ensure you remove your jewellery before indulging in activities such as washing, bathing or applying lotion, perfume, oil or any other chemical products to avoid tainting the coated layer of your piece.

 Go all soft on them.

 At times cleaning your jewellery with a coarse cloth material can leave scratches on the surface of the piece. Thus, we suggest you use a soft cloth to clean your jewellery to avoid scratches and maintain its lustrous and polished look. 

 Wear it at the end.

 Certain chemicals in your makeup, perfume, lotion, hairspray or simply any skin or beauty product can tarnish the surface of your jewellery. Thus, we highly recommend you to wear your jewellery at the end of your grooming to ensure it is untainted.